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The exchange overseas study consists of dispatching Japanese students to overseas universities and receiving students from overseas universities with which we have concluded an agreement (Inter-University Student Exchange Agreement). There is the short period, a semester or two semesters, study abroad program from agreements concluded with Kobe University's faculties, and the short period study abroad program from student exchange agreements concluded only with the Faculty and Graduate School of Maritime Sciences.

Student dispatches from Kobe University

Information for exchange study programs (in Japanese)

Student dispatches from Faculty / Graduate School of Maritime Sciences

The Faculty and Graduate School of Maritime Sciences have concluded student exchange agreements with 13 overseas universities (as of September 1, 2020). The content of the recruitment for the programs in the previous academic year are shown below. As the content may change, please read the notifications that will posted from around May and October on the recruitment of students for the programs.

Short-term study program (receiving students) from student exchange agreements by the Faculty / Graduate School of Maritime Sciences

The Graduate School / Faculty receives short-term international students based on the recommendations of the universities with which it has a student exchange agreement (agreement universities). The number of students received differ according to the academic year. For further details, please read the application guidelines that were sent to each agreement university.