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Entrance Exam for Doctoral Program

How to request the student application guidelines

If you are requesting the application guidelines by post mail, please write in red ink on the envelope surface "Request for Graduate School of Maritime Sciences Doctoral Program student application guidelines" and include the following in the envelope.

  • An envelope for the reply (Square No.2 size, 240mm x 332mm) with attaching a 250 yen stamp after writing name, address, and postal code of the intended recipient
  • A note that clearly states the name and contact details of the prospective applicant (a telephone number at which he/she can be contacted during the day on weekdays)

【Address to send requests】
5-1-1 Fukaeminami-machi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-0022, JAPAN
To: student affairs section of Academic / Student Affairs Group,
The Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University

Overview and guidelines
Statics of entrance exam and enrollment

(following linked files are in Japanese language)