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Graduate School of Maritime Sciences

Curriculum Policy

The Graduate School of Maritime Sciences at Kobe University will provide high-level academic instruction, professional education, and research activities based on fundamental knowledge and a sense of purpose for undergraduate students. The Graduate School will educate researchers, educators, and maritime specialists who utilize their abundant creativity to acquire high levels of expertise and problem-solving skills in a variety of international angles.

In order to effectively accomplish the painstaking supervision of education and research, the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences consist of three divisions; Maritime Management Sciences, Maritime Logistics Sciences, and Marine Engineering.

The Division of Maritime Management Sciences takes charge of education and research regarding the management and construction of maritime system to guarantee safety of global-scale transportation and marine environmental preservation. Studies in the Division of Maritime Management Sciences investigate these topics from an international viewpoint, exploring the relationships between technology, society, and human interaction.

The Division of Maritime Logistics Sciences provides an educational opportunity to foster a logistics expert with further expertise, with specific focus on the design, implementation, evaluation, and management of logistics systems. These systems are primarily based on maritime transportation from the perspectives of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

The Division of Marine Engineering promotes comprehensive engineering education and research related to ships and maritime equipment. The goal of these engineering skills are to develop and manage utilization technologies for maritime machinery, maritime resources and maritime space with due consideration for the environment and its coexistence with human beings.