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Academic Exchange Agreements

The University has concluded academic exchange agreements that mainly involve the students of the Faculty and the Graduate School Maritime Sciences with the following 28 educational institutions (as of November 1, 2020). Exchange agreements are concluded in order to facilitate activities in research and educational fields that both parties are interested in, and they include exchanging faculty members and students, conducting joint research, and sharing information.

The educational institutions marked with an ∗ in the table are those for which detailed regulations on the implementation of students exchanges have also been agreed in order to establish a system in which credits obtained by students at the exchange educational institution are recognized by Kobe University (an exchange-study system) and for which the students do not have to pay special tuition fees at the other educational institution (mutual special tuition fees exemption system). If you wish to apply for an exchange-study program at one of these educational institutions, please consult with the relevant administrative section (student affairs section of Academic / Student Affairs Group) in advance.

The following list does not contain all of the universities and educational institutions (educational-agreement institutions) that the whole Faculties of Kobe University have concluded agreements with. You can confirm information on those educational institutes on the University's website (Partner Universities).

Partner Universities concluded agreements with the Maritime Sciences
University name Country / region Overview of the institution
North America
Maine Maritime Academy
United States of America A public university (founded in 1941) located in Castine, Maine, USA, with approximately 950 students specializing in maritime-related engineering, international business, logistics, science, and transportation. Its graduate school offers courses in the fields of international logistics and maritime management.
California State University
Maritime Academy
(CAL Maritime)
United States of America After the exchange agreement with California Maritime Academy was concluded, this institution became part of the California State University organization. The Maritime Academy, which is located in Vallejo, California, USA, is an institution providing a maritime and maritime-related education and has faculty-level courses in international business, logistics, engineering, navigation, marine engineering, maritime transport, and machine engineering.
University of Tasmania
Australian Maritime College
Australia After the exchange agreement was concluded, Australian Maritime College (AMC) became part of the University of Tasmania organization. AMC is a national institution conducting maritime and maritime-related education and research, and its main education and research fields are navigation, management and logistics, maritime technologies, and the marine environment.
World Maritime University
(located in Sweden)
This graduate-school university located in Malmo, Sweden, was founded in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It has more than 100 (full-time and visiting) members on its teaching faculty from all over the world, and it carries out advanced technical education and research for students on its graduate school courses
Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi
Republic of Turkey An exchange agreement was concluded with the Maritime Faculty.
The Maritime Faculty is a historic institution whose predecessor was the Merchant Navy Boarding School founded in 1884 in Tuzla City, Istanbul Province. The International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) was established in November 1999 through a joint proposal with this Faculty.
Cardiff University United Kingdom An exchange agreement was concluded with the Cardiff Business School, the School of Social Sciences, and the School of Engineering.
Founded in 1883, Cardiff University conducts education and research in a wide range of fields including the humanities, the natural sciences, the physical sciences, the health sciences, the life sciences, and the social sciences, and its graduates are active in diverse areas. It also focuses on lifelong education.
Université de Strasbourg Republic of France This is a large-scale public university with its main site located in Strasbourg, France, with over 40,000 students and around 2,600 faculty members. It is also a historic university, with its predecessor academy being established in 1566 and it awarding university degree qualifications from 1621. From 1968 to 2008, it was divided into 3 universities, but they were reintegrated in 2009, which brings it up to the present day.
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées LYON
(INSA Lyon)
Republic of France An exchange agreement was concluded alongside the agreements with other Kobe University graduate schools (Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of System Informatics)

It is a university specializing in engineering located in Lyon, France. Its features include around 40% of its students are women and around 30% are international students, and it offers five year engineering education courses on campus.
University of Rijeka Republic of Croatia An agreement was concluded with the Faculty of Maritime Studies of this university.
The Faculty of Maritime Studies is a historic faculty that began in the late 1800s as a school for sailors. It has approximately 100 teaching faculty members (of who, 15 are professors) and around 1,800 students (there are approximately 20,000 students in the entire university).
Shanghai Maritime University
People's Republic of China It predecessor was the Shipping Section established in Shanghai Industrial College in 1909, and it was founded as SMU in 1959. Currently, it is a comprehensive university conducting education and research in marine logistics technologies and engineering, specializing in economics and management, business administration, economics, law, the liberal arts, and the sciences.
Dalian Maritime University
People's Republic of China Its predecessor was the Shipping Section of the Shanghai Industrial College (founded in 1909), the same as Shanghai Maritime University. It was named DMU in 1994 (up to that point it had been Dalian Marine College, established in 1953). Today, it is a comprehensive university specializing in the maritime transport field comprised of 16 organizations (graduate schools, centers, etc.)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
People's Republic of China An agreement was concluded with the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering, and the School of Mechanical Engineering.
The School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering conducts education and research in the fields of shipbuilding engineering, ocean engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, construction, international ship management, and harbor and coastal engineering, and the School of Mechanical Engineering in the fields of mechanical engineering and automation, power and energy engineering, production engineering and logistics engineering, nuclear science and systems engineering, and aerospace engineering.
Ocean University of China
People's Republic of China An exchange agreement was concluded with the Ocean Development Research Institute in this university.
It is a comprehensive university founded in 1924 in Qingdao City, China, that emphasizes the scientific fields of oceanography and fisheries science. Its total number of students, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and adult-learner students, is in excess of 45,000 students, and its approximately 3,000 faculty members provide them with education and research guidance.
Korea Maritime and Ocean University
Republic of Korea It as national university in Busan, South Korea, that is the leading institution in South Korea specializing in the marine and maritime fields (in 2013, its name was changed from Korea Maritime University to Korea Maritime and Ocean University). Today, it not only trains seafarers, but also provides advanced education and research through its undergraduate courses in fields such as the maritime sciences, marine sciences and engineering, engineering, and international relations, and offers graduate school courses in maritime industry, marine sciences and engineering, and education.
Kunsan National University
Republic of Korea It is a national university established in 1979 in Kunsan City, South Korea, and it is a comprehensive university comprised of six faculties in the humanities, the arts, the social sciences, the natural sciences, engineering, and the maritime sciences. The graduate school offers two types of courses, general courses and specialist courses, with the general courses including courses on the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and the arts and physical education, and the specialist courses including courses on industrial science, management administration, and pedagogy.
Mokpo National Maritime University
Republic of Korea It is a university specializing in maritime education in Mokpo City, which is on the south coast of South Korea. Its predecessor was the Mokpo Fisheries and Marine High School established in 1950. Subsequently, it became an institution training crew for merchant ships, and today, it conducts education and research from its departments of computer engineering, ship ocean engineering, environmental engineering and biotechnology, and marine civil engineering.
National Taiwan Ocean University
Taiwan It was founded as a university in 1953 with a single maritime-related faculty. Today, it has seven faculties of maritime sciences and management, life sciences, ocean science and resources, engineering, electrical engineering and computer sciences, and humanities and social sciences.
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Taiwan Exchange agreements were concluded with this university's College of Management, College of Maritime Affairs, and College of Ocean Engineering.
The university was established in 1948 to promote the economy of and trade in Kaohsiung City in southern Taiwan. It has four departments in electronic communication engineering, microelectronics engineering, marine environment engineering, and naval architecture and ocean engineering and technology.
National Chung Hsing University
Taiwan National Chung Hsing University began as the Advanced Academy of Agronomy and Forestry, which became a national university and was renamed NCHU in 1971. The university is comprised of 9 colleges; Liberal Arts, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Management, Law and Politics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 9 extension education centers, 4 Experimental Forest Stations, Veteran General Hospital, and 2 experimental farms. Currently, there are approximately 17,000 students, 770 teaching staff in NCHU.
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Republic of Indonesia This is an engineering university established in Surabaya City, Indonesia in 1960, which today has five faculties in mathematics and the natural sciences, industrial technology, civil engineering and planning, marine technology, and information technology.
Universitas Lampung
Republic of Indonesia An exchange agreement was concluded alongside the agreement with the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Kobe University.
This university in Lampung Province on the southern tip of Sumatra was founded in 1965 and it established graduate school courses in 1999.
The University of Danang Socialist Republic of Vietnam This comprehensive university began in 1975 as a training and research institute, before being established as a university in 1994. It has approximately 92,000 students and 1,400 faculty members, making it the largest university in the central region of Vietnam.
Burapha University Kingdom of Thailand An exchange agreement was concluded with the Faculty of Logistics.
This is public, compressive university, whose predecessor, Bangsaen Educational College, was founded in 1955. Currently, it has 22 faculties and offers 16 Master's course and 15 Doctor's course, and it has more than 46,000 students.
University of the Philippines
(UP Diliman)
Republic of the Philippines An exchange agreement was concluded with this university's Diliman School, together with its agreement with other Kobe University faculties.
The University of the Philippines is a national university founded in 1908 and it is the top ranked university within the Philippines, consisting of about 4,000 faculty members, approximately 53,000 students, 10 campus, and 1 open university.
University of Namibia
Republic of Namibia The University of Namibia (UNAM) is the largest national university in the Republic of Namibia, and was established in 1992 shortly after its independence from the Republic of South Africa. The university is comprised of over 12 faculties such as Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, and others. There are over 20,000 students and 2,500 teaching staff. UNAM is one of the best universities in Africa, ranking within the Top 10 universities on the continent.