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Issue of student ID cards

Your student identification (ID) card proves that you are a student of our University. The period it is valid is from the time of admission up to the shortest period of study in the Faculty or in the Graduate School.

You will need your student ID card when you take the end-of-term exams, when you use facilities such as the Health Administration Center and the Library, when you wish to obtain a certification from the certificate vending machine, and when you purchase a student commuter pass, so please make sure to carry it with you at all times.

Please return your card immediately if you cease to be enrolled in the University, such as due to graduation or withdrawal. Also, please make sure to look after it carefully, as you will be responsible for damages resulting from the misuse of a lost or stolen card.

a. Re-issue

Please apply to the Administration Office for the re-issue of a student ID card if it is lost or damaged, you have changed you name, or its valid period has expired.

b. Loss of magnetic data

If the magnetic data on your student ID card has been lost, please apply to the Academic / Student Affairs Group for the magnetic data to be rewritten.