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Shigeru Nishio

Doctor of Engineering
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Naval Architecture, Dynamics of Ship Motion, Risk Analysis of Ship Hull, Exercise 3 in Navigation
Graduate Course: Ship Hydrodynamics, Stability of Floating Structure
Research Interests
Research Topics related to the ship science and ocean engineering have been investigated from the view point based on hydrodynamics. The flow visualization and the development of flow measurement technique by means of image analysis are also the main topics of research interests. Major current research topics are shown in below.
  • Measurement of Lateral Force acting on the Ship Hull at Low Speed in Shallow Water
  • Analysis of Propulsion Performance of Fish Like Motion
  • Development of Measurement System of Particle Image Velocimetry and Management of the Performance
Message for Students
Develop your ability for thinking and keep your mind for investigation. The ability achieved in youth is something which could be used through out your life. Those ability and mind enable you to find the things which nobody ever knew. Your creative and active behaviors sustain your challenge for everlasting progress.
Research Areas
Naval Architecture, Ship Hydrodynamics, Image Analysis, Flow Visualization
The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, The Visualization Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Society of Navigation
Academic Journals
Journal of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, Transaction of the Visualization Society of Japan, Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering, Journal of Visualization, Journal of Measurement Science and Technology
International Conferences
International Symposium on Flow Visualization, International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry, Techno-Ocean, The International Towing Tank Conference