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Prof. YEH Rong-Hua, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, stays at the Graduate School of Marine Sciences as a Visiting Research Fellow

Last Update 2019.06.20

Prof. YEH Rong-Hua, National Kaohsiung University arrived Japan on 15th June, and he will stay one month as a visiting research fellow at the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences. National Kaohsiung University has established last year by merging three Universities at Kaohsiung, and it became second largest University in Taiwan. Prof. Yeh has served to a Vice President of National Kaohsiung Marine University for long term, and he contributed for the success of merge of three University. His research field is the heat transfer, and he has experience to be a reviewer of International Journal of Mass and Heat Transfer, one of the top journal of that field. He made a courtesy visit to Prof. Uchida, the Dean of Faculty, on 17th June, and exchange about the further development of international academic exchange.


Prof. Yeh, Prof. Uchida (Dean) and Prof. Nishio (Vice Dean) (from left to right)