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The Sea Training Center

1. The objectives of the Center

The objectives of the Center are to administer and manage the Graduate School's training ship, practical training ships, other vessels, and coastal facilities; to conduct education and research on sea training, on-campus ship practical training, and seamanship; and also to build safety management systems for vessels. The Center's buildings include the four-story sea training building and a boathouse, while the sea training building is equipped with a ship communications training room, a technical training room, a ship handling simulation room, and the research lab and training room of the Center's sea training instructor.

2. Overview of the objectives of operating the training ships and other vessels

The objectives of operating the training ships and other vessels are to conduct experiments and practical training using vessels that are necessary for education, academic research, and maritime-related dissemination activities. They utilize numerous devices and systems incorporating the latest electronics technologies. The training ship Fukae-maru, which is equipped with these kinds of devices, can be said to be an advanced intelligent ship, and in addition to being used for practical training for students, experiments, and research, it is also expected to serve as a venue for major activities to explore the needs of the new era and to solve problems through the experiments and research of the instructors.