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Makoto Uchida

Ph.D. in Engineering (Osaka University, 1998)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Propulsion Engineering, Introduction to Latest Marine Equipment and Technology, English for Marine Engineering 2, Leadership, Marine Engineering Laboratory, Basic Seminar 1, Basic Seminar 2, General Seminar, Special Study
Graduate Course: Management Theory for Propulsion System of Traffic Vessel, Advanced Maritime Technical Evaluation Theory, Experiment 1(Maritime Management Sciences Course), Experiment 2(Maritime Management Sciences Course), Master Course Research I, Master Course Research II, Advanced Research Works I, Advanced Research Works II, Doctor Course Research
Research Interests
We have investigated on the marine propulsion engineering and the marine engine plant operation. We perform a variety of experiments and estimations in order to develop economical and safety marine propulsion plant management system.
  • Analyzing Method for Ship Propulsion Performance in Service
  • Human Factors in Marine Engine Management
  • MEPS (Marine Engine Plant Simulator) Utilization
  • Effective Utilization of Natural and Recovery Energy for Ship Propulsion
  • Experimental Study on Propeller Air-Drawings and Bearing Forces
Message for Students
Please utilize your potential actively and contribute for development of the maritime society. We are looking forward to your active participation in our research area.
Research Areas
Marine Engine System Management, Marine Propulsion Engineering
JIME (The Japan Institute of Marine Engineering), JASNAOE (The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers), JIN (Japan Institute of Navigation)
Academic Journals
Journal of the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering, Journal of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs
International Conferences
International Symposium on Marine Engineering, International Conference on Engine Room Simulators, International Conference on Marine Technology, AGA of International Association of Maritime Universities