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Andrew Sowter

MA (Applied Linguistics)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Courses: English Oral III, Productive English, Writing English A & B, Writing English C & D, Communication English A & B, Communication English C & D, Maritime English 1, Maritime English 2, Practical Maritime English.
Research Interests
My research interests include; the application of TALL/CALL, autonomous learning, study abroad and extensive reading. In addition, my doctoral research project will investigate the use of Project-based Learning to improve Student Engagement and student learning.
Message for Students
Learning a language successfully requires a partnership between the teacher and the student. The student’s part of this partnership is to spend time practicing the language skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking, however more importantly the student needs to have a positive attitude towards learning. It is important for you to enjoy the experience of learning a language and be open to doing new activities which will improve your English skills. The teachers part of the partnership is to provide the students with the best methods to acquire and practice your skills and the opportunity to enjoy learning English. Therefore, if you promise to come to class with a good attitude and the desire to learn, I promise to give you interesting, enjoyable and meaningful activities that will improve your English.
Research Areas
Climate Change, Study Abroad Preparation, Presentation Skills.
JALT, Australian College of Educators (ACE), Golden Key International Honour Society (GKIHS), Climate Reality Project.
Academic Journals
Kwansei Gakuin University Annual Research Report of the Language Center, Kansai University of International Studies Methods and Possibilities in Foreign Language Education, Nara Kenkyukai Bulletin.
International Conferences
Thailand TESOL, CamTESOL, Hawaii TESOL, JALT National, JALT CALL SIG, JALT Study Abroad SIG, Peace as a Global Language (PGL), JALT PanSIG, 1st Extensive Reading World Congress.