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Kenji Sasa

Ph. D. in (Kobe University of Mercantile Marine,2002)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Floating Body Motion Dynamics, Applied Floating Body Safety System
Graduate Course: Marine Traffic System
Research Interests
Japan is surrounded by seas, and nearly 70 percent of the earth is sea. As the globalization is developing currently, the importance of maritime transportation will be more important than ever. The evaluation of ship motions, added resistance, and speed loss in a seaway is inevitable, especially in heavy seas. There are also necessary to study on the fuel consumption and CO2 emission theoretically, and I am studying on the integration of three theories on seakeeping, machinery, and propulsion.
Message for Students
Research works needs continuous efforts everyday with little progress, but the achievement of new findings will give you a big confidence. I hope you should train to think logically and ask questions any time. I welcome you to visit my laboratory if you have any interests in my study.
Research Areas
Ship motion analysis, Hydrodynamics, Wave analysis, Port engineering, Numerical modeling, Field observation
Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, Japan Institute of Navigation, Japan Society of Civil Engineering
Academic Journals
Ocean Engineering Journal, International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, Coastal Engineering Journal
International Conferences
International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, International Conference of Offshore and Polar Engineering, International Navigation Congress, PIANC World Congress