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Katsuhiko Saito

Ph.D. in Engineering (Osaka University, 1991)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Maritime Cargo Transportation,Natural Resources, Materials and Energy B(Packaging and Environment)
Graduate Course: Transport Packaging, Advanced Transport Packaging
Research Interests
The laboratory focuses on research and education in several areas of transport packaging and is fully equipped with the modern testing machines. We are also complemented with joint collaborative research projects with scientists of technology institutes and private companies.
Message for Students
The supervised latest titles of the Ph.D. thesis are as follows.
Study on Evaluation of Mechanical Shock Fragility of Products for Transport Packaging
Study on Vibration of Packaged Products with Gaps
Study on Packaging Design by Paper Cushioning Materials
Study on Optimum Tension of Securing Rope
Study on Equivalence of Simulated Drop Test for Packaged Freight
Multi-criteria Evaluation for Selecting Sustainable Protective Packaging System
Study on Improvement of Evaluation Methodology of Cushioning Packaging
Study on Improvement of Vibration Test for Packaged Freight
Evaluation of Damage Due to Cumulative Fatigue to Packaged Products
Research Areas
Transport Packaging
International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI),  The Society of Packaging Science & Technology, Japan
Academic Journals
Packaging Technology and Science an International Journal,  Journal of Applied Packaging Research,  Journal of Packaging Science & Technology, Japan
International Conferences
World Conference on Packaging IAPRI,  IAPRI Packaging Symposium