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Qiusheng Liu

Doctor of Engineering (Kyoto University, 1993)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Thermodynamics 1, Numerical Simulation Engineering, Basic Seminar, General Seminar, Marine Engineering Experiment
Graduate Course: Advanced Energy Engineering, Thermal Energy Conversion Engineering
Research Interests
We have been engaged in a broad program of experimental and theoretical studies on heat transfer. Our particular motivation has generally been the problems associated with nuclear reactor accidents and power plant boilers. Our current researches are focused on following:
  1. Transient forced convection heat transfer for High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors
  2. Solution process of CO2 gas in seawater associated with recovering and isolating technologies
  3. Transient boiling heat transfer (CHF)
  4. CFD Analysis
Message for Students
At this laboratory, we are engaging in solving various heat & mass transfer problems by the approaches of experiment and numerical analysis. We are expecting you to join us and enjoy your school life in our laboratory. Your activity is expected.
Research Areas
Heat Transfer Engineering, Nuclear Engineering
Heat Transfer Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering, Atomic Energy Society of Japan, The Japan Institute of Marine Engineering, The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers
Academic Journals
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering Journal, Experimental Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer Engineering, International Journal of Transport Phenomena, Journal of Power and Energy Systems, Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, Journal of the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering
International Conferences
International Heat Transfer Conference, International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics, International Conference on Nuclear Engineering, International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics, Operation and Safety, International Symposium on Heat Transfer, International Symposium on Marine Engineering, International Conference on Power and Engineering
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