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Jinichi Koue

PhD (Engineering) Osaka University
Educational Contents
General Seminar, Graduation Research, Master's Research
Research Interests
I am researching the effects of climate change on the aquatic environment of oceans and lakes. In enclosed waters, recent climate change has caused anoxia. In lakes and oceans, many waves, such as surface currents, gravity currents, and internal waves, are generated, which in turn promote material circulation and are closely related to environmental problems at the bottom of the sea and lake. In order to improve anoxia in the sea and lakes, we are conducting environmental impact assessments and understanding many phenomena of compressible and incompressible fluids, while using theoretical analysis, experiments, and numerical methods to find more effective methods using aeration devices, cavitation jets, and other devices.
  • Research on the structure of the head edge of gravity current (density current)
  • Research on the effects of climate change on the Lake Biwa water environment
  • Research on maritime applications of shock wave phenomena (phenomena involving strong compressional waves)
Message for Students
Marine and lake environments affect people's lives. It is important to quantitatively assess why climate change affects the marine and lake water environment. Complex phenomena often overlap to cause a certain phenomenon, and subdividing them one by one in detail will help to clarify the situation. It is important to have the desire to question and clarify everything, and innovation can be achieved by changing conventional methods. I believe that taking a sincere interest in everything you do will be an asset in the future, so let's study and research together.
Research Areas
Marine and lake environmental engineering, Hydrodynamics
The Japan society of naval architects and ocean engineers, The Japan society of hydrology and water resources, Japan Institute of Marine Engineering
Academic Journals
Limnology and Oceanography,Journal of Hydrodynamics
International Conferences
ISOPE (International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers), International Conference on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas