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Yugo Kanaya

Ph.D. (The University of Tokyo, 2000)
Educational Contents
Graduate Course: Ocean Environment and Climate Studies
Research Interests
Climate change and air pollution are two major international issues in the 21st century. Professor Kanaya focuses on key chemical substances, such as greenhouse gases and black carbon particles, aiming to understand the underlying mechanisms of the changes in their emissions and atmospheric concentrations. These related natural systems also need to be understood together. Scientific evidence will optimize the emission control policies and drive social transformation towards a solution. My research interests also relate to satellite-based and field observations of atmospheric composition using optical techniques.
Message for Students
Universities and graduate schools provide unique opportunities to experience the world's most advanced scientific research and development. Acquire broad knowledge and gain deep insight into your area of expertise. Find your own "something" that will build an attractive Earth’s future towards the second half of the 21st century.
Research Areas
Atmospheric Chemistry, Optical Measurements, Asian Regional Air Pollution, Short-lived Climate Forcers
Japan Society of Atmospheric Chemistry, Meteorological Society of Japan, The Chemical Society of Japan, Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment, American Geophysical Union, European Geosciences Union, Japan Geoscience Union, Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society
Academic Journals
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Journal of Geophysical Research, Aerosol Science and Technology, Atmospheric Environment, Scientific Reports
International Conferences
IGAC (International Global Atmospheric Chemistry) Science conference, AGU fall meeting, Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society Annual Meeting, The Korean geostationary environmental satellite (GEMS) science Team Meeting, IPCC AR6 Lead Authors Meeting