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Masamichi Hasebe

LL.M. (University College of London, 2000)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Ocean Governance, Ocean Policy, Law of International Shipping Management and Maritime Sociology
Graduate Course: International Maritime Sociology, Maritime Industries and Maritime Governance
Research Interests
International Ocean Policy
  1. Underwater sound project: Exploring underwater object and seabed, fixing precise position and velocity of underwater autonomous vehicle, and hunting treasure undersea
  2. GNSS project: Measuring ocean wave, precise velocity and attitude of movable body on the sea using GNSS (GPS) signals.
  3. Other project: Measuring of ocean wave by FM-CW Radar for automobile use, developing ocean-observing system, and assessing towing-vessel.
Message for Students
Students can learn most updated ocean/maritime international topics which may be questioned at interview of your recruitment.
Research Areas
International Ocean Policy
Japanese Society of International Law, Japan Society of Logistics and Shipping Economics, Japan Association of International Economic Law, Japan Society of Ocean Policy, Japan Society of International Economics, Japan Association of Aviation Law, Japanese Society of Insurance Science
Academic Journals
Revue Belge de Droit International, Journal of Air Law , Journal of Logistics and Shipping Economics
International Conferences
International Conference for Arctic and Antarctic Regions, The International Conference on Traffic & Transportation, The Biennial Conference of the Asian Society of the International Law, The International Conference of the Asian Shipping and Logistics, Air Transport Research Society World Conference