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Yasushi Fujiwara

Doctor of Science (Kyoto University, 2020)
Educational Contents
Oceanography 1, 2
Research Interests
My main interest is in the phenomena that occur at the air-sea interface and the ocean surface layer. The wind blowing above the sea surface, the turbulent oceanic surface currents, and ocean surface waves interact with each other to connect the most important components of the natural environment: the atmosphere and the ocean. I try to contribute to the understanding of the Earth system by revealing such interfacial processes.
I mainly work on numerical simulations, but I am also interested in observation data analysis.
Message for Students
Here at Fukae, you can study the ocean, waves, and wind on campus right in front of the sea, which is an amazing environment. I wish you learn scientific skills and literacy through your study, which will certainly help you live in today’s society. If you are interested in nature, physics, or computers, feel free to come over!
Research Areas
Physical Oceanography,Air-Sea Interaction
The Oceanographic Society of Japan,Japan Geoscience Union,American Geophysical Union,The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics