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Masaki Fuchi

Doctor of Human Sciences
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Marine Sports and Boat handling, Leader Ship, International Radio Communication and Regulation at Sea, Exercise 3 in Navigation
Research Interests
a) Ship Handling Strategy for Collision Avoidance
b) Behavior for Collision Avoidance and Rule of the Road at Sea
c) Collision Avoidance Training for Ship's Navigators
Message for Students
Human behavior is mystery, especially at the .Rule of the Road at Sea is guideline for Ship's Collision Avoidance, but judgments by navigators are not often conform to the rule. Let's think about behavior and judgment at Sea and try to solve the problem on scene.
Research Areas
Maritime Traffic Psychology´╝îErgonomics at Sea, Maritime Safety
Japan Institute of Navigation, The Japan Association of Applied Psychology, Japan Ergonomics Society
Academic Journals
The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation, The Japanese Journal of Ergonomics, etc