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Teruhiko Akazawa

Ph. D. in Science (1999)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Physics (B) / Physics(C), Basic Experiments of Maritime Science 1, Material Science
Graduate Course: Solid State Physics at Low Temperature
Research Interests
He has studied material science experimentally. His research is now focused on anomalous properties due to crystal structure and structural instabilities in actinide or lanthanoid intermetallic compounds. He has carried out some measurements (e.g. electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, thermal expansion, X-ray diffraction pattern) under multi-extreme conditions: high pressure, low temperature and high magnetic field.
He has also turned his attention to a field of marine engineering. He has worked on the novel oil-seawater separator using Lorentz body-forces.
Message for Students
Look at his Japanese web pages.
Research Areas
Material Sciences (especially, Magnetisms, Strongly Correlated Electron Systems), Maritime Sciences
Physical Society of Japan, Cryogenic Association of Japan, Electrochemical Society of Japan
Academic Journals
Depending on the case.
International Conferences
Depending on the case.