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Akihisa Abe

Ph. D in Engineering (Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Tohoku University, 1991)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Resources-Materials and Energy, First Year Seminar, Introduction to Marine Sciences, Material Mechanics 1-1, Material Mechanics 1-2, Material Mechanics 2-1, Material Mechanics 2-2, Introduction to Latest Marine Equipment and Technology
Graduate Course: Compressive Fluid Dynamics 1, Compressive Fluid Dynamics 2, Advanced Complex Fluid Dynamics 1, Advanced Complex Fluid Dynamics 2, Lecture on Kansai Maritime Education Alliance
Research Interests
All members in my laboratory are going to clarify the phenomena with generation and propagation of shock waves and apply that to various outstanding problems in the field of maritime sciences. Each research has been carried out experimentally, numerically or analytically. Recently, in particular, the studies on interaction between microbubbles and underwater shock waves and generating procedure of underwater shock waves are continued for establishment of sterilization treatment technology of ship ballast water.
Message for Students
During your student days, you can do and learn whatever you want. I am looking forward to seeing you with your curiosity about my research field.
Research Areas
Shock Wave Engineering, Compressible Fluid Dynamics
International Shock WaveSociety of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, The Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow
Academic Journals
Shock Waves, Journal of Fluid Science and Technology, Transaction of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Journal of the JIME
International Conferences
International Symposium on Shock Waves, International Symposium on Marine Engineering