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Student Commuting Certificate

a. When commuting to a University building

You can buy a student commuter pass when travelling to the University from the station closest to your residence (current address) to the station closest to the University (the University building you attend). In order to purchase the pass, you will need to obtain a Student Commuter Certificate from the certificate vending machine, fill-in each of the boxes on the "commuting districts," the "student commuter pass valid period," and "the start date to use the student commuter pass," and submit it together with a copy of your student ID card and the certificate of school attendance obtained from the Administration Office to the reception desk of the relevant public transport authority.

With regards to any further requirements to purchase the commuter pass, please follow the instructions of the staff of the relevant public transport authority. You are not able to purchase a pass outside of school term or for use other than for commuting to University, such as to attend extracurricular activities or a part-time job.

※A bus commuter pass is bought on a monthly basis, so please make sure to confirm you are not disadvantaged when purchasing it, for example making a mistake for the period of use.

b. When commuting to places other than University buildings

For your studies, you may be required to attend classes or participate in experiments and practical training at places other than University buildings. You may purchase a student commuter pass in these instances when recognized as necessary by the Dean of the Faculty, so please apply to the Administration Office within the application period.

c. If the student commuter pass becomes invalid

Your student commuter pass will become invalid in the event of the situations described below. Please make sure to never use the card improperly, as this will not only mean you have to pay the fares for commuting, it may also inconvenience the University and other students, such as the transport authority suspending the sale of student commuter passes to the University's students.

  1. When purchased and used from falsified information, such as use qualifications, name, age, commuting districts, or use for commuting to the University.
  2. When used after the information displayed on the face of the student commuter pass has been deleted or modified.
  3. When used after the qualification period to use it has expired
  4. When used before the start or after the end of the usage period
  5. When the user is not carrying his/her student ID card
  6. When a student commuter pass or an ordinary ticket is used for two or more non-consecutive districts, and when boarding the transportation without a ticket for the journey between the districts displayed on the faces of each of the tickets.
  7. When used in any other way consider improper for the boarding and riding of the transportation

※For the commuter passes of each public transport authority, you may receive a discount only when purchasing the pass with the objective of commuting to the University that is necessary to graduate or to complete your studies as a student of the University. The districts it can be purchased for are limited to the shortest distance between the station closest to your place of residence and the station closest to the University (the campus you mainly attend).

※The Student Commuter Certificate is valid for one month. Even if you continually purchase a commuter pass, if the calendar year changes you will need to obtain a new Student Commuter Certificate.