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Kazuo Yamashita

Associate professor
Master's degree in physical Education (University of Tsukuba)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Marine Sport and Boat Handling, Health and Sport Practice, Health and Sports science Lecture
Graduate Course: Marine Recreation
Research Interests
I am researching that
  1. The mental growth of the young person by the adventure experience in the sea
  2. The Cruising scheme in Japan
Message for Students
Please interest and enjoy recreational activities in the sea. When we play in the sea, we are impressed by natural greatness and beauty, and meet ocean pollution that a human created too. Sailboat and Windsurfing and PWC are tools for play, and advanced technology is concentrated in it.
Japan society of Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences, Japan Outdoor Education Society, The Japanese Association of Education Psychology,
Academic Journals
Japan Outdoor Education Journal, Review of the faculty of maritime sciences, Kobe University, Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science,
International Conferences
International Yacht Race as Coach