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Scholarships and Exemption from Tuition Fees

The scholarship system

Please visit Kobe University website to obtain information on scholarships.

The tuition-fee exemption system

This is a system to exempt the payment of all or half of the tuition fees following the selection of exempted students, which is carried out based on the request of the applicant from among students with excellent academic grades who are having difficulties paying their tuition fees due to economic reasons. The selection of those exempted takes place each semester and it is necessary to complete the application procedure in March to be exempted in the spring semester and in September to be exempted in the fall semester (the details will be posted on each occasion). Also, for students who have applied for exemption of tuition fees, their payment of the fees will be postponed until the results of the selection are known, and applicants who are not selected or who are required to pay half of the fees must promptly complete the payment by the prescribed procedure.