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Tamiki Umeda

Doctor of Science (Kyoto University, 1990)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Basic course of physics, Statistical mechanics
Graduate Course: Biological physics
Research Interests
He has studied theoretical physics and biophysics, in particular mathematical modeling of biological pattern formation, motion, and physical properties of biological materials. He has also studied physical phenomena related to maritime sciences. His recent research interests are: lipid bilayer membranes, cellular slime mold amoebae, and seawater electrophoresis.
Research Areas
Soft Matter Physics, Biophysics, Theoretical Biology, Maritime Science
The Biophysical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology
Academic Journals
Journal of Physical Society of Japan, Physical Review, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, ChemPhysChem, and others.
International Conferences
Not fixed.