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Mikio Takebayashi

Ph. D. in Engineering (Kyoto University, 1998)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Introduction of Transportation Economics and Engineering
Graduate Course: Algorithm Design
Research Interests
My academic background is the infrastructure planning and management from the governmental point of view, and my basic standpoint for research is "proposing the better way for public". My main research aims are 1) making management policy of international infrastructures such as ports and airports, and 2) developing the theories/analytical tools for understanding the structure of international transport markets. For these purposes, I develop some mathematical programming models of both aviation and maritime transport markets by applying Nash equilibrium theory, discrete convex optimization theory, and so on.
Message for Students
Come and get it.
Research Areas
Infrastructure planning and management, Air transport management, Decision making on maritime policy, international trade, and supply chain management.
Japan Society of Civil Engineering/JSCE (Japan), Air Transport Research Society/ATRS (International), Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences/INFORMS (USA), The Regional Science Association International/RSAI (International), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics/SIAM (USA), And more.
Academic Journals
Transportation Research Part E (Elsevier, International), Journal of Infrastructure Planning Review (JSCE, Japan), Pacific Economic Review (Wiley-Blackwell, International), And more.
International Conferences
Annual Conference of Air Transport Research Society/ATRS, Annual Conference of International Association of Maritime Economics/IAME, Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies/EASTS,
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