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Akira Sou

Doctor of Engineering (Kobe University, 1995)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Fluid Mechanics 1, Simulation Engineering, Marine Engineering Laboratory
Graduate Course: Management of Power Systems, Management of Marine Power Engine Systems
Research Interests
We have been working on various multi-phase flow dynamics related to liquid fuel injection technology for engines, urea SCR system for Diesel engine, cavitation, floating offshore wind turbine, liquid hydrogen carrier, ballast water treatment system using microbubbles and shock wave and so on with the collaborations of Japanese, EU and US research institutes.
Message for Students
Students who want to experience a great success in the field of fluid dynamics and spend an enjoyable and rewarding research life are welcome. Go for it!
Research Areas
Mechanical Engineering, Thermal and Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Japan Institute of Marine Engineering, ILASS-Japan, The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, The Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow, Japan Wind Energy Association
Academic Journals
Atomization and Sprays, Computer & Fluids,SAE International Journal of Engines, Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Multiphase Science and Technology, Journal of Fluid Science and Technology
International Conferences
International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems,International Conference on Multiphase Flows,International Conference on Marine Engineering,American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting,Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics Processes in Direct Injection Engines