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Hiroyuki Shimada

Ph. D. (Osaka University, 1992)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Behavior in Transportation
Graduate Course: Behavior and Human Factors, Human Elements for Maritime Safety
Research Interests
Cognitive psychological research on the Stroop effect.
Skill acquisition and cognitive control.
Message for Students
I hope that my class will inspire your interest in my research. Please contact with me if your are interested.
Cognitive Psychology
The Japanese Psychological Association, The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology, The Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology, The Japanese Psychonomic Society, Japanese Cognitive Science Society, The International Society for Psychophysics, etc.
Academic Journals
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Perceptual and Motor Skills.
International Conferences
International Congress of Psychology, Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, The meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics
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