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Michiyasu Odani

Dr. of Engineering (Kyoto University,1983 )
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Transportation Planning, Transportation Systems Analysis
Graduate Course: Advanced Transportation Planning, Transportation System Planning
Research Interests
We have studied on establishing passengers and goods transportation system in urban area, which contributes to realizing sustainable city from social, economic and environmental aspects.
  • Suburban location of commercial facilities and its influence on shopping travel behavior
  • Urban renewal with introduction of public transportation system (LRT system etc.)
  • Cooperative freight transportation system in urban area
  • Design of loading and unloading spaces in the city center
    and Allocation plan for distribution centers in the suburbs
Message for Students
It's essential to have a keen awareness of the problem in research activity. The enthusiasm for solving the problem and the effort to learn by trial and error, we believe, lead to new findings. We hope you to enjoy research work and also experience its difficulty.
Transportation Planning, Urban and Regional Planning
Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The City Planning Institute of Japan, Japan Society of Traffic Engineers, Japan Logistics Society
Academic Journals
Infrastructure Planning Review, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan City Planning, Journal of Japan Logistics Society
International Conferences
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Conference, Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management Conference, World Conference on Transport Research