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Yusuke Kaino

Ph.D. in Science (Osaka University, 2021)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Calculus A1, A2, Mathematical Statistics 1,2, Multivariate statistical analysis 1,2
Research Interests
My research interests are statistical methods for stochastic processes. A stochastic process is a mathematical model that describes how things change stochastically over time, and is used to describe phenomena such as stock price fluctuations and the occurrence of earthquakes. I am particularly interested in stochastic processes represented by stochastic differential equations or stochastic partial differential equations, and I am studying how to estimate the parameters. I am also focusing on computer simulations as well as theories.
Message for Students
Statistics of stochastic processes is used in many fields such as finance, insurance, and seismology. If you are interested in the theory of statistics or the analysis of high frequency data using computers, let's do research together.
Research Areas
Statistical inference
The Japan Statistical Society