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Mitsuru Hayashi

Ph. D in Science (Kyushu University, 2002)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Oceanography, Costal Oceanography, Marine Information Analysis
Graduate Course: Coastal Marine Weather and Sea State, Analytical Chemistry for the Marine Environment
Research Interests
To clarify the material cycling and the lower trophic level ecosystem in coastal sea, and behavior of greenhouse effect gas in the sea water by the marine observation and the numerical ecosystem model.
Message for Students
The collaborated overseas institutions are BPPT and so on in Indonesia, Univ. of the Philippines, Burapha Univ. in Thailand, Ocean Univ. of China and Florida State Univ. in U.S.A.
Research Areas
Oceanography, Marine Environment, Marine Meteorology
The Oceanographic Society of Japan, Coastal Oceanography Research Committee of the Oceanographic Society of Japan, Japanese-French Oceanographic Society, The Marine Meteorological Society, Research Council for the Seto Inland Sea, Japan Geoscience Union, Asia and Oceania Geosciences Society, Japan Institute of Navigation, Techno-Ocean Network
Academic Journals
J. of Oceanography, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Coastal Marine Science
International Conferences
Conference on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas, Annual Meeting Asia and Oceania Geosciences Society, International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, International symposium of Techno-Ocean
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