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Masao Furusho

Dr. in Psychology
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Good Seamanship for Maritime Safety, Maritime Sports and Boat Handling, Leadership, International Radio Communication and Regulations at Sea, Maritime Labor Law, Risk Management, Maritime Laws, Human Information Processing, Laboratory in Navigation 2
Graduate Course: Excellent Seamanship of Marine Traffic, Human Elements for the Maritime
Research Interests
For the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships, the research interests are strongly related to 4 factors such as Man, Machine, Media, and Management.
The most interest factor is human elements such as a cause of human error. The risk perception is also an interesting factor because of the key element for preventing maritime accidents at sea.
Message for Students
Standby and be ready always for the next, and you are able to go ahead with safety.
Excellent Seamanship,Maritime Law,Psychology at Sea and on Board, Risk Management,Human Element
Japaan Institute of Navigation(JIN), The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan(IEIJ), Human Interface Society, Japan Ergonomic Society, Japan Society of Logistics and Shipping Economics
Academic Journals
Transactions of Navigation, THE JOURNAL OF JAPAN INSTITUTE OF NAVIGATION, Journal of Light & Visual Environment, Transactions of Navigation, Journal of Light & Visual Environment
International Conferences
IAIN (International Association of Institute of Navigation), ANC (Asia Navigation Conference), TRANS NAV