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Student discount card
(certificate for student discounts for travel tickets, etc.)

As the student discount card is issued by the certificate vending machine, please use your student ID card and follow the instructions on the screen.

The student travel ticket discount card (student discount certificate) system is not based on the premise that it is the free right of students to use transportation. Rather, it is implemented with the aims of reducing the economic burden on students so that they may complete their studies and also to contribute to the promotion of school education.

When using Japan Railways (JR) services, for one-way journeys of more than 100km (operating kilometers) in order to attend practical training, field trips, or to return home, students can purchase a ticket at a discount of 20%, limited to ordinary tickets only. (For tickets of other rail, air, or coach companies, please inquire in advance at the inquiries desks of the company in question.)

When using the student discount card, please fill-in "journey districts" and the "type of ticket" for which the student discount card will be used, and apply at a counter of the public transport authority that you will use. The card is valid for three months from its date of issue.

Please make sure to plan your use of the cards carefully, as no more than two cards are issued at a time and one person may not use more than 10 cards a year.

Points to be aware of
  1. An issued student discount card will not be re-issued even if it is returned due to reasons such as end of valid period, change to plans, etc.
  2. A student discount card can be used only by the applicant and cannot be transferred to and used by others.
  3. A ticket bought using a student discount card cannot be transferred to and used by others.
  4. You must carry your student ID card with you when riding transportation using a discounted ticket.

If you violate any of the above rules, the discount card becomes invalid, so please make sure to never use the card improperly as this will not only mean you have to pay the fares for the travel ticket, it may also damage the reputation of the University and inconvenience other students, such as the travel company suspending the issue of the card for students of Kobe University.