Shallow Water Tank

In this water tank,motions of ships and floating structures on calm water and on waves are checked and hydrodynamic forces acting on ship are measured by using ship-models. Experiments in shallow water and in restricted water are carried out.
This water tank has a wave generator which can work in arbitrary water depth and a towing carriage which equips 2 sub-carriages making possible to move laterally and vertically.

Shallow Water Tank
Towing Carriage speed range : 0.02m/s-2.00m/s
electric motor power : 7.5kW×4
speed control : automatic,semi-automatic,manual
Sub-Carriage lateral line movement : ±2.5m
max speed : 0.13m/s
vertical line movement : 0.60m-2.00m above tank bottom
Wave Generator see below
Observation Window side window(2.0mW×1.0mH)

Wave Generator

This equipment can generate waves regardless of water depth without any adjustment.

Wave Generator
Type piston type driven by oil pressure
Electric Motor Power 15kW
Maximum Stroke
of Oil Pressure Cylinder
Wave Period 0.3sec-5.0sec
Maximum Wave Height 0.4m
Kind of Wave regular wave,irregular wave(controlled by computer)

Wind-Wave Water Tank / Wind Generator

Ship motions derived by wind and aerodynamic forces acting on ship are studied by using ship-models.

Wind-Wave Water Tank
Wind Generator wind speed : max. 8.0m/s
duct dimensions : 1.9mW×0.4mH×3
wind speed adjustment : inverter control of electric motor, butterfly valve
electric motor power : 30kW
Observation Wind side window : 1.0mL×0.5mH
Shallow water tank
Shallow water tank
Towing carriage
Towing carriage
Wave generator