About Ship Model Basin in Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Faculty of Maritime Science, Kobe University

This ship model basin in Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University was constructed between 1971 and 1972 and was repaired 1986, 1993 and 1995, 2002 when the great earthquake happened, and 2015.
There are a shallow water tank, a wind-wave water tank, anchor dragging tanks, a circulating water channel and others in the building which has no pillar inside by means of particular construction.


Principal Dimensions 80mL×15.6mW×5mH
Area 1222m²
Type a ferroconcrete structure without window roofed with long-span PS concrete
Ventilation Arrangement 20 electric fans on upper side walls
Crane Running Under Ceiling max.load 1.0ton, running range 49mL·10mW
Max. Entrance for Machines 3.2mW×3.6mH

Shallow Water Tank

Principal Dimensions 60mL×6mW×2mD, max.water depth 1.5m
Towing Carriage dimensions 7mL×7.1mW×0.6mH, weight 12ton
Aerial Line for Trolley copper tube set with plastic case, 200V·3Φ,100V·3Φ
Wave Generator piston type driven by oil pressure
Wave Absorder passivity type
Accessories circulating purifier,observation stage,observation window

Wind-Wave Water Tank

Principal Dimensions 10mL×6mW×1mD, max. water depth 0.5m
Wind Generator butterfly valve adjuster and inverter control type for wind speed

Circulating Water Channel

Principal Dimensions 15mL×5.4mW×2.8mH
Dimensions of Working Section 5.55mL×1.5mW×1.2mD
Type horizontally circulating type

Anchor Dragging Tank, Sand Tank(×2)

Principal Dimension 16mL×2.5mW×1.2mD, sand depth 0.9m