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Kobe-Strasbourg Joint Workshop on Quantum Beam Interactions with Matters

Last Update 2016.10.06

Recent achievements by young researchers, on the effects and applications of quantum beams for matters in liquid and solid phases will be presented, from Kobe University and The University of Strasbourg. We have an international cooperation agreement between the both universities since 2013. Now we are conducting one cotutelle program that stared on the last year. A brief introduction will be also made for Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC), which is the body of the program in France side. You are welcome to come to discuss on future plane of academic exchange between both universities, as well as on the academic presentations.

DATE   : 1st November 2016, 15:10 - 17: 40

PLACE : Umeki-Y Hall, Fukae-Campus, Kobe University


Opening Address

Prof. Tomoya Yamauchi                    (5 min)

" An introduction of The University of Strasbourg, Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien and the progressing cotutelle program "

Prof. Remi Barillon                             (30 min)

" Toward an in-vivo chemical dosimeter for hadron therapy based on fluorescent probes "

Dr. Quentin Raffy                               (25 min)

" Radiolysis of aromatic amino acids solutions by protons "

Nicolas Ludwig (PhD student)            (25 min)

" Registration property of latent and etched tracks in polymeric track detectors for protons and heavy ions "

Tamon Kusumoto (PhD student)        (65 min)

Please contact to < yamauchi(at) > for more details.