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Workshop on the Quantum Beam Interaction with Matters

Last Update 2012.11.21

SCOPE : A lecture on disaster at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants will be held, as well as shorter two talks about the shielding effect for space radiation in the International Space Station and the nuclear track detectors for trans-uranium components of cosmic rays.

DATE : 27th November 2012, 14:00 - 15:10

VENUE : Umeki Y Hall Fukae-campus, Kobe University


Dr. Satoshi Kodaira14:00  -  14:20
National Institute Radiological Sciences
"Verification of water shielding effect for space radiation in ISS crew cabin by means of passive dosimeters"
Prof. Tomoya Yamauchi14:20  -  14:40
Kobe University
"Applicability of polyimide films as an etched track detector for trans-uranium components of cosmic rays"
Prof. Nakahiro Yasuda14:40  -  15:10
Fukui University
"Overview of measures after the disaster at Fukushima"

ORGANIZER: Prof. T. Yamauchi