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A memorial lecture "On the great life of Marie Curie"

Last Update 2011.02.22

DATE : 15th March 2011 13:20 - 13:50
VENUE: Room 4102, Building 4, Fukae-Campus, Kobe University
LECTURER : Prof. Tomoya Yamauchi,
Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University
LANGUAGE : Japanese

We are celebrating the International Year of Chemistry 2011 organized by IUPAC and UNESCO. One hundred years have passed since the Nobel prize for chemistry was awarded to Marie Curie, who found Polonium and Radium as new chemical elements, radioactivity and gave its name. She had initiated the Nuclear Chemistry. This lecture intends to understand her scientific activities through the famous biographies by Eve Curie and Susan Quinn, two pieces of music in 19th century, a classic movie from Hollywood, under the comparison with the lives of women scientists in the same period.
Please feel free to attend this memorial lecture.

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Int. Year of Chemistry 2011

Int. Year of Chemistry 2011