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26th Workshop on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors

Last Update 2010.12.17

Date: 14th and 15th March 2011
Venue: Room 4102, Building 4, Fukae-Campus, Kobe University
Languages: Japanese and English
ORGANIZER: Japan Society of Nuclear Track Detectors
CO-ORGANIZER: Division of Ionizing Radiation, Japan Society of Applied Physics; Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University

This series of workshops has been providing annual opportunities to exchange recent achievements on the fundamentals and applications of Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors, in which the trajectory of energetic proton and heavy ions in some dielectric materials are visualized by chemical treatments. This is a passive radiation detector used in various branches of science and technology such as nuclear physics, cosmic rays, dosimetry in space, neutron dosimetry, radiation biology, dating, laser driven particle acceleration and so on. On the fundamental aspects, the formation process of tracks in solids has been investigated from viewpoint of radiation physics and radiation chemistry. This is an unique workshop where attendances from many different fields come to discuss together, which has long history established in 1983. You are invited to attend and make a presentation in this workshop. For more details, please visit the following workshop web site.

26th WS on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors

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