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Study Tour for International Students of the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences

Last Update 2008.06.30

The Graduate School of Maritime Sciences held a study tour for international students on June 26th 2008; and away from usual studies! The purpose was to learn something of Japanese culture at UJI, Kyoto.
35 international students participated in this tour, starting at Byodo-in Temple, one of the world heritage sites. They were especially impressed by the beauty of the Phoenix Hall which in Japan we have as a design on the ten-yen coin. They had a great opportunity to learn of Japan's history at the Tale of GENJI Museum; and also Japanese tea culture, via partaking in a traditional "tea ceremony" at a tea factory in Kyoto.
Although we had been worried about the weather before the tour, it didn't rain on the day, fortunately. So, this was a meaningful day of early summer.

Byodo-in Temple    Tea Ceremony