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Jun Mizutani

Ph.D. in Economics (Osaka City University, 2004)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: Business Management, Strategic Management, Marketing
Research Interests
My main research field is the transport market structure analysis from perspectives of economics and industrial organization, including analyzing the effects of LCC's (Low Cost Carrier) entries, airline mergers, global alliances, and regulatory reform (deregulation) on the competition.
Message for Students
No pain, no gain. Let's accomplish a great achievement with continuous effort!
Research Areas
Transport Economics, Aviation Economics, Transport Policy, Industrial Organization
World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS), Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), Japan Society of Transportation Economics (JSTE), Japan Society of Logistics and Shipping Economics (JSLSE), etc.
Academic Journals
Journal of Air Transport Management, Japanese Journal of Transportation Economics, etc.
International Conferences
World Conference on Transport Research, Annual Conference of Air Transport Research Society