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Sangwon Lee

Ph.D. in Engineering (Kobe University, 2022)
Educational Contents
Ocean safety systems
Research Interests
For the safe navigation of ships, it is essential to analyze the safety of ship operation in the ocean and coastal waters under rough weather. In particular, I focused on this topic of the safety operation of moored ships and anchored ships in harbor. Currently, the research is in progress on the safety of cargo lashing for car ferry and container ship.
Message for Students
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
You may face many difficulties in life, but if you do not avoid it and overcome it, you will have many opportunities. I hope you grow through many experiences. I will make an effort to become a bridge between Japan and Korea in the fields of shipping and maritime industry. I believe we can develop together through joint research.
Research Areas
Ship motion analysis, Numerical modeling, Field observation