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Short-term overseas study opportunities

Dispatching Overseas Study Program

The dispatching overseas study program of two weeks is planned to send students of Maritime Sciences to overseas academic institutions, and attending to seminars conducted in English, visiting to academic facilities, and participating in cultural events in order to enhance student's international competency.
It is aimed to become basic experience for students' future global activities which require positive actions, deeper multicultural understandings, as well as communication skills in English language. The program is being organized every year, and students can apply it for undergraduates and graduates in alternate years.
Detail recruitment information will be announced on the website and the notice board beyond springtime.

Past application information

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IAMUS Workshop

The International Association of Maritime Universities Students (IAMUS) workshop is a part of the IAMU AGA (Annual General Assembly) intended for students from IAMU member universities to present their work. It is an opportunity for students to participate in MET (Maritime Education and Training) related activities, meet and exchange idea with students from other institutions, meet industry members and experience other cultures.
The Faculty and Graduate School of Maritime Sciences will send a few students to the workshop. Detail information of how to apply will be announced on the webpage beyond springtime.

Past application information