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Various Certificates

Frequently asked questions

I need to receive various certificates, such as a certificate of graduation. How do I apply to receive them? Also, what should I do if I need a certificate in English?

When issuing a certificate, from the viewpoint of protecting personal information, we first confirm that the application is from the intention of the person in question. Then, as described below, we request that you present your identity card or submit a letter of proxy when applying, so ask for your cooperation in these matters.

When inquiring at the Academic / Student Affairs Group Administration Office

Please bring the items described below to the relevant inquiries desk and fill-in the necessary items on the prescribed form. In principle, the certificate(s) will be issued after three days, not including weekends and public holidays. People who wish to receive the certificate(s) by post should prepare and bring with them a return envelope in which to send the certificate(s). As you are required to pay the postage, please attach stamps to the envelope and write the name and address to which the certificate(s) is to be sent.

(※Note) It will take about one week to issue a certificate in English.

Application and receipt by the applicant

  1. Identification card (※Note 1)

Application and receipt by a proxy

  1. A copy of the applicant's identification card (*Note 1)
  2. The proxy's identification card (※Note 1)
  3. Letter of proxy (※Note 2)

For current students
Please confirm from the Handbook or "The issue of certificates for current students" shown below.

For applications by post

Please post the following items to the relevant inquiries desk.

  1. A copy of the applicant's identification card (*Note 1)

    The copy of the identification card is only used to verify the identity of the applicant and it will be returned after the certificate is prepared.

  2. An application for a certificate shall state the following matters.

    Please use the certificate-issue application form.
    If you are unable to download it, please fill-in the form below.

    1. Academic years of admission and graduation (completion)
    2. Faculty or department graduated from (completed) / the Graduate School / major
    3. Name (furigana) (please also write the name in Romaji if applying for an English certificate). If you have changed you name, such as following marriage, please also write your maiden name or previous name. (The certificate will be created with the full name at the time of enrollment)
    4. Date of birth
    5. Type and number of certificates (e.g. 1 copy of the certificate of graduation)
    6. Purpose of use
    7. Party submitting it to
    8. Place of register (please fill-in the name of the prefecture only if applying for a certificate of academic ability (certificate of credits for the teaching license)
    9. Address
    10. Telephone number (please make sure to write a telephone number at which you can be contacted during the day. We may need to contact you regarding the issue of the certificate.)
  3. Return envelope (please attach stamps and write the name and address it is to be returned to) In the event of an application by proxy, in addition to 1 to 3 above, please also provide 4 and 5 below.
  4. Letter of proxy (※Note 2)
  5. Copy of the identification card of the proxy(※Note 1)

If applying by post, please make sure to write the name of the faculty or graduate school of graduation (or completion) in the address.


5-1-1, Fukaeminami-machi, Higashi-Nada-ku, Kobe, Japan 658-0022
The Academic / Student Affairs Group, the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences and Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University
TEL 078-431-6223


※Note 1. What are acceptable as identification cards?

In principle, either a driver's license, a passport, a health insurance card, a certificate of alien registration, a student ID card issued by Kobe University, or a basic resident registration card (with a photo) The name on the certificate will be the name at the time of enrollment (graduation). Please send a copy of your family register, family register extract, etc., if your name at the present time is different than your name at the time of enrollment.

※Note 2. What is a letter of proxy?

While there is no especially prescribed form, please prepare the letter with reference to the example shown below to enable us to confirm the application is the intention of the person in question.

Example of a letter of proxy

I, Mr./Mrs. ○○ (the applicant), designate Mr./Mrs.○○ (the proxy) to be my proxy and I agree with the matters described below.

○○Application for / receipt of certificate
Proxy's Name:
Proxy's contact details:
Phone number

Date: day, month, year
Signature / seal

The issue of certificates for current students

Certificates issued by Kobe University are accepted to be public documents in general society, so please make sure to treat them with care.

Student ID card

Your student ID card is your proof of identify, so please carry it with you at all times and present it to Kobe University staff when requested to do so. Please also return your card if you cease to be enrolled in the University, such as when you graduate, complete your studies, or withdraw from the University, or when the card's valid period has expired due to a leave of absence or other such reason. If your card is lost (notify the police if it is stolen or lost) or damaged, please complete the card re-issue procedure at the Administration Office.

Student public transport travel fare discount card (student discount card)

When using Japan Railways (JR) services or services of affiliated companies for one-way journeys of more than 100km in order to attend practical training, field trips, or return home, students can purchase a ticket between all travel districts at a discount of 20%, limited to ordinary tickets only. Two student discount cards are issued at a time and one person may not use more than 10 cards in a year. The card is valid for three months from its date of issue (issued by the certificate vending machine). Please refer to The Guide to Student Life for further details.

Issue of student commuter certificate

When purchasing a student commuter pass, please present you student commuter certificate, as well as your student ID card, to the public transport authority that you will use. The student commuter pass you can purchase is limited to the journey between the station closest to your home address and the station closest to the University building you will commute to. In addition, some public transport authorities may require a separate student commuter certificate, and in this event, after filling-in the form prescribed by the public transport authority in question, please apply for one at the Administration Office. Please refer to the Guide to Student Life for further details.

The application method and issue dates for a certificate of enrollment, certificate of expected graduation, and transcript of grades are as shown below.
What When Where Date of issue
Certificate of enrollment As required Certificate vending machine (Administration Building1F) For issues other than from the certificate vending machine, in principle it will take at least three working days from the date of application
(for example, issued on Wednesday following an application on Friday).
However, the issue of English certificates and certificates marked ※ will take one week.
Student discount card
Certificate of expected graduation
Certificate of travel districts for the commute to the University The Administration Office Handling times
(weekdays only)
8: 30 to 17: 15

(shall be dealt with in same manner as other issues at the time of an accident or power outage)
Certificate of dispatch to practical training
Certificate of residing in a dormitory
Student card (reissue)※
Transcript of grades
Graduation certificate
Health checkup certificate※ Health Administration Center Fukae Branch Office