The Graduate School of Maritime Sciences


The acquisition of a teaching license

Students can obtain the following teaching license from the Master's program of the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences.

Licenses that can be acquired

high-school teacher specialist, Merchant ships, Industry

Basic qualifications

In order to obtain the above-described qualification, the following basic qualifications are required.

Requirements to obtain a specialist license

In order to acquire a junior high school teacher specialist license or a senior high school teacher specialist license, after obtaining the basic qualifications described above, from within the courses of the Graduate school, the student must obtain 24 or more credits for the subjects provided for by Appended Table 1 of Article 5 of the Teacher's License Act or from the class subjects relating to the teaching profession.
Among these subjects, the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences' Master's program offers "Subjects relating to teaching subjects," and students can acquire the license by obtaining 24 credits or more from within the designated subjects. Please ask the Educational Affairs staff for further details.