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Nobumichi Shutoh

Ph. D. of Sciences (Tokyo University of Science, 2012)
Educational Contents
Under Graduate Course: Calculus A1, A2, B3, B4, Mathematical Statistics 1, 2, Statistical Science, Applied Statistics Theory
Graduate Course: Quality Management and Statistical Science
Research Interests
My research specialty is mathematical statistics. In this research area, the theoretical methods on statistics are proved or their properties are obtained by using mathematical techniques.
     In particular, I have focused on multivariate analysis which deals with the datasets of the samples that have two or more than two subjects. Multivariate analysis is not only an extension of univariate statistics. It also has great deals of the further discussions. I am very interested in this view, for example, the discussions for missing data, high-dimensional data, and so on. In these cases, because we cannot have easily the simple expressions of the exact distribution of statistics, alternatively, several authors derive the asymptotic method based on approximate distribution. I try to derive more accurate approximate distribution for the statistics and apply the theoretical results to develop or improve the statistical method in multivariate analysis.
Message for Students
Statistics is applied to an actual dataset for so many purposes and its usability often catches the people's attention. If we focus on the theory of statistics, it could be found that its base is constructed by many mathematical techniques.
     In this laboratory, studying statistics as one of research areas in applied mathematics and feeling the meaning of learning mathematics for a long time, I would like you to obtain the skills for applying statistics to an actual dataset with understanding its theoretical background and for evaluating the performance of the statistical methods by Monte Carlo simulations.
Mathematical Statistics
The Mathematical Society of Japan, Japan Statistical Society, Japanese Society of Computational Statistics
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