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Yuko Oshita

Ph.D. (Economics)
Educational Contents
Contemporary Economies
Economics III
Network Design
Advanced Exercise in Systems Science
Research Interests
My research topic is to detect (or identify) important industrial clusters or supply chains from production network of industries. For example, using Input-Output Analysis and Graph Analysis, I work on following studies.
  • Analysis to detect key sectors which propagate an impact of price increase of resources
  • Analysis to detect industrial clusters and supply chains which are important for environment (CO2 emission / resources use is intensive)
  • Analysis of inter-regional supply chains which have serious risk caused by disasters
  • Flow analysis of agricultural products
  • Economic and environmental analysis of new technology
Message for Students
I'd like to find solutions of problems of our society (for example global warming, drain on resources, disaster), with combining economics and various other research fields. Let's get new findings together!
Ecological Economics, Industrial Ecology
International Input-Output Association
International Society for Industrial Ecology
Pan Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies
The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan
Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies
Japan Society of Economic Statistics
Academic Journals
Environmental Science & Technology
Energy Economics
Ecological Economics
Economic Systems Research
Journal of Economics Structures
International Conferences
International Input-Output Conference
International Society for Industrial Ecology
International Conference on EcoBalance