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Nobuyoshi KOUGUCHI

Ph.D. (Osaka University, 1998)
Educational Contents
Undergraduate Course: System Engineering, Fundamental Navigation Aids, Advanced Navigation Aids, Use of RADRA and ARPA
Graduate Course: Oceanographic and Navigational Cybernetics, Advanced Oceanographic and Navigational Cybernetics
Research Interests
His research focuses on Oceanographic and Navigational Cybernetics.
  1. Underwater sound project: Exploring underwater object and seabed, fixing precise position and velocity of underwater autonomous vehicle, and hunting treasure undersea
  2. GNSS project: Measuring ocean wave, precise velocity and attitude of movable body on the sea using GNSS (GPS) signals.
  3. Other project: Measuring of ocean wave by FM-CW Radar for automobile use, developing ocean-observing system, and assessing towing-vessel.
Message for Students
Undergraduate students know as much about research and graduate students independently carry out their researches and lead undergraduate students to have a delightful laboratory day with enjoyment. I expect that all students develop humanly and improve their abilities due to take part in many events of our lab actively. Please refer to our Webpage (http://www.research.kobe-u.ac.jp/gmsc-cyber-nav/index2.htm)
Oceanographic and Navigational Cybernetics
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) , The Institute of Electronics , Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) , Marine Acoustics Society of Japan (MASJ) , The Japan Society of Naval Architectures and Ocean Engineering
Academic Journals
IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications , Journal of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineering , Journal of Navigation and Port Research , IEEE Journal of Ocean Engineering
International Conferences
IEEE Oceans , Institute of Navigation GNSS Meeting , International Conference on Marine Simulation and Ship Maneuverability , International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference
Publications Webpage