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Mentoring faculty system

Faculty members serve as mentors for students in each academic year and department/course, who students can obtain mentoring from such as on the path to take after completing their studies, on taking courses, or on personal matters.

  1. From the time students are admitted until they are assigned to a department/course, 8 faculty members provide guidance to approximately 200 new students (two faculty members per around 50 students). They mainly give advice relating to the university register, on the path to take for their studies including assignment to a department/course, and career guidance.
  2. After the students are assigned to a department/course, two mentoring faculty members (supervisors) in charge of the department/course continue to provide them with mentoring until they complete their studies.
  3. When students are unable to progress to the next academic year due to the shortage of credits, the mentoring faculty in charge of one lower grade will take over the responsibility.
  4. The Dean of the faculty oversees this mentoring faculty system.
1. Matters requiring mentoring

For the following matters, you must carry out the prescribed procedure after having obtained the approval of your mentoring faculty.

  1. When you want to take a course in a lower academic year
  2. When you want to take a leave of absence from your studies (or withdraw from the University)
  3. When you want to receive an exemption from tuition fees or boarding fees, or you want an extension on the deadline for the payment of tuition fees
  4. When you want to apply for one of the various scholarships
2. Class-adjustment matters
  1. Adjustment of student assignment to a general seminar or special research seminar
    On the start of the general seminars and special research seminars, the number of students taking each seminar will be adjusted by the mentoring faculty.
  2. Adjustment of allocation of students to On-board Training 3
    In order to conduct the annual On-board Training 3, the allocation of students onto the training ship will be adjusted.
  3. Students who are unable to take On-board Training 3 will be counseled on and adjusted for an alternative subject to be taken separately.
  4. Career guidance
    Students will be provided with career guidance.


List of mentoring faculty (Supervisors) (in Japanese)