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Internships are employment experiences for students at places such as companies and governmental agencies during the summer holidays and other times. By actually experiencing real society and work, students acquire an awareness of the issues for their futures and their objectives, such as for their studies and careers.

Recruitment for Internships at the Career Center

Guidance for recruitment for internships, including at companies and government agencies, is mainly conducted during the summer and spring holidays. In addition to the guidance provided on the Career Center's website, there will also be notifications on the noticeboards of the Faculty and the Graduate School. In addition, the Internship Guidance Event attended by companies that are accepting interns is held in the Career Center around June.

Recruitment for internships by the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences and the Faculty of Maritime Sciences

The Graduate School conducts recruitment for internships at companies, mainly in maritime-related industries, and at governmental agencies. It provides guidance for students to participate in internships around June. Announcements will be posted on the noticeboards on campus.