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Events and activities

Academic calendar schedule (annual calendar)

This is the academic calendar schedule for the Faculty of Maritime Sciences and the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences.
The schedule may change without prior notification, so please use for reference only.
M is an abbreviation of the Graduate School's Master's program and D of its Doctor's program.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities play an important role for students to have the experiences that will form them as people and that they cannot obtain from regular education alone. Voluntary group activities that include many exchanges with students and others, such as with the local community, will encourage their healthy mental and physical development, including becoming autonomous and cooperative, by training their minds and bodies.

There are many University-wide authorized extracurricular-activities groups engaged in activities; there are 32 cultural groups, 51 sports groups, 2 cheer and wind orchestra groups, 9 student council affiliated groups, 10 Circle Association-affiliated groups, and 4 other groups. They are mainly based in the Rokkodai area but there are also groups active on the Fukae campus. There are also many extracurricular activities groups (clubs) other than the authorized groups.

The facilities that can be used by the University's students and teaching faculty include the Yama no Ie facility and the Awaji Marine Experiment and Practice Center managed by the Faculty of Maritime Sciences.

Groups active in the Fukae area

The men's' boating club, the women's boating club, the Faculty of Maritime Sciences baseball club, and the canoe club
Other than these, there are also groups active from time to time in the Fukae area.

Homecoming Day

The Homecoming Day event has been held since 2006 for the teaching faculty and current students to meet and interact with graduated students, honorary professors, and others. The Homecoming Day consists of various events planned by the General Planning Section and independently by faculties, including a commemorative ceremony, reports on recent conditions, lectures meetings, campus tours, social gatherings, and other such events.

Up to the present time, the Faculty of Maritime Sciences has held the following events.